Jan 112010

The route 1168, 1257, unknown, 1168

Total distance 247 km

Riding through the town this morning I saw this banner, its on from the 14th-18th and I was told its by the river in town. Its unusual to see Country music at Biker events, in the UK it would be a load of heavy metal shyte

It was the 1168 out of town

Some good bends along here, in fact theres not many straight roads in Nan province, thats why its the number 1 area for us bikers

A nice new surface only very recently put down for part of the way, they were still putting the lines on one bit as I rode past

The road splits and to the right is the 1243 but I keep to the left and stay on the 1168 which is now very quiet indeed, not that there was much traffic on it before

I will soon be up in those hills

A great time is had along these roads

The road is a lot narrower now but still fun although care is needed as theres loose gravel at times

I ride down to Ban Nam Tong and here the asphalt ends, one of my maps shows the 1168 carrying on as a dirt road north towards Bo Kluea and joining up with the 1081 but its not going to be explored on the Phantom. As I descended into Ban Nam Tong I could see a dirt road going up into the hills, perhaps this is the 1168

Yes son when you grow up you too can have a Honda Phantom providing they still make them then

After a snack its time to ride back

As I approach Ban Namphang I can see the 1259 snaking up into the hills to my left

At Ban Namphang I take a left

Less than 1 km later I take a left onto the 1259 to ride to Ban Rom Klao

Theres a few sets of hairpins at the start of this steep ascent

Looking back down

This twisty section is to come, this road needs care as theres lots of loose gravel in many places

Some shelter and a water and photo stop is required

Its christmas all over again, at least for me as todays my first day trip out from Nan where I will be staying and riding everyday for about the next twelve days, lucky me

I reach Ban Rom Klao and at first it appears virtually deserted apart from domestic animals

And in Thailand you are never far away from a dog

A human being at last

The babys being rocked in the hammock and doesnt murmer a word

The largest crowd that I see here

Time to ride back

I have rode along here many times in the last ten years and will never tire of it, how could I with views like this

I reach the end of the 1259 and turn left onto an unnumbered road to ride to Ban Nam Pu, here the bridge is still there to ride or walk across the Wa river, I walk across but sod riding the Phantom across that

Time to ride back along this fun road, at the 1168 I turn left onto it and ride back to Nan

Chicken cordon bleu, fries and onions tonight at Da Darios for 150 Baht, it was good too

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