Feb 162013

The route 1168, 3017, 1169

Total distance 80 km

In Ban Nam Sai

Dirt starts at N18.81632 E100.85656

I get lots of different surfaces today, here its a dry recently burnt bit and others were loose bulldust and I also found some mud and damp slippery bits too

Another dead end

I am certainly not riding over that to explore a single track that most probably goes nowhere

I was surprised to meet these out in the wilds

Another dead end, here I was hopeful of finding a track going on over to Santisuk

I ride back to Ban Nam Sai then take another dirt track starting at N18.81612 E100.85936

Nothing promising here either so its time to ride back

Dirt starts at N18.80626 E100.85226

That looks a comfortable rest stop

A very new looking house along this track

Plenty of bananas in there, I am given a bunch

Her garden looks like the local scrapyard

I ride on expploring new tracks for me, some of these arent showing on the GPS

Its another blast furnace heat day once it warms up, I reach asphalt at N18.80240 E100.79982 and ride home

Indian chicken Madras curry at Tony’s Place

I had an extra portion of rice and it was 120 Baht for a tasty very filling meal

Get the gdb file here …

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