Jan 162010

The route 101, unknown, 1091

Total distance 153 km

I took the 101 out of town and twenty four km past Wiang Sa I took a right onto an unnumbered road signposted to Ban Naka

This friendly little fella came running over whilst I was stopped

This is a pleasant road that is at last surfaced from one end to the other for the first time since I first rode it a few years ago

There are narrow sections but thats not a problem

A good scenic route that is soon up in the hills

A hell of a lot of maize has been shucked here

Dinner time for the workers, I am offered food and beer here as is so often the case, I politely decline and carry on snapping

At long last this dogs stops barking

Top notch scenery along this road which is another one that I appear to be the only person riding and writing about

Maize seems to be the most common crop along here

A mostly good surface with some good bends too

Just before I reach Ban Luang I have a minor collision with a pick up truck. I come to a ninety degree right hand bend that cant be seen around and theres also a side road going to the left, as I go round so the pick up driver also turns to his right and appears in my path. Thankfully we are both going slow and I feel the impact at the rear of the bike, his front bumper hits my exhaust about 50 cm from the end and slides along the top of it leaving a mark but doing no damage. It was the impact against my throwover panniers that I felt and again no damage to them. His front indicator lens is smashed but apart from that no other damage and no money was asked for. We exchange pleasantries and mai pen rais then we are both on our respective ways, no harm done but it just shows you how easily it could have gone wrong

At Ban Luang I turn right onto the 1091 and ride back to Nan

The 1091 is definitely one of the best with a great surface stunning scenery and plenty of bends

I remember in the early years renting Honda Dreams and riding along here when there was always a section with no surface, now thankfully its great for the entire stretch

Its a great ride back to Nan

I try out a new restaurant tonight at the north of town just past the Army camp, its called Ruan Mai, or Tonys Place whichever you please

There was a lasagna in the oven that was only five minutes from being ready so I had that, 69 Baht for this and it was that lovely that I ate it then ordered another one. So 138 Baht for two portions of this and I was stuffed

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