Apr 052009

The route 1080, 1291, 4017, 1291, 1097, 1148, 1082, 1080

Total distance 360 km

I took the 1080 north out of town and after 5-10 km out of Tha Wang Pha I take a left then after about 100 metres another left and I am on the other 1080 that goes to Chiang Klang

This other 1080 is a narrower twistier road

I couldnt help but notice the insignia on the side of this house

Just north of Chiang Klang and I take a right onto the 1291

Its a bit pot holed for the first one or two km then it turns into a pleasant road

I am up high and theres some deep valleys too

A fair few hairpins up along here

Just past here and the 1291 goes down to a village and I take a left onto the 4017

Not far along the 4017 and I unfortunately run over this poor snakes head and kill him

This is a very good fun road to ride and its my first time along these two roads today

He just doesnt look old enough to be in charge of a bike

They were wobbling all over the place but thankfully didnt come off

Heres a rarity, a Thai dog actually chained to something instead of running in the road

Ban Maneepruek, the end of the road

Time to ride back along this pleasant road

I had this on the to ride list in late 07 but didnt get round to it so today I did and its certainly worth it, I ride back to the 1080 and ride back into Chiang Klang

I take the 1097 and immediately I notice that its been resurfaced and a lovely new smooth surface it is too, this road badly needed it as it was a badly pot holed road before, especially towards the other end that meets the 1148

I ride down to the Tadman Waterfall for a look

Then its back along the 1097

Not much visibility in this picture

I was hoping that this new surface went all the way, unfortunately it stops about half way along and the real shitty section is still as it was

I reach the 1148 and turn left onto it

Just before Tha Wang Pha I do a right onto the 1082

This is a good ride along here riding along the ridgeline for a fair while

I see a few fires out here today

I reach Sop Khun and chech my watch, its 17.30, another day when the time has just flown, oh well it will be another ride in the dark home tonight

Looks like the rest spot went up in flames as well today

Plenty of bends along this road

I get back to the 1148 and spot another one of those large scorpions that I saw in Narathiwat Province, I stop to get a picture and while I am getting the camera out some twat in a pick up truck squashes it so I only get a picture of a squashed one today. I am indirectly responsible for this, if I hadnt stopped where I did then the pick up wouldnt have swerved and hit the scorpion, so thats two pieces of wildlife that I killed today

A pork steak and fries at Da Darios tonight

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