Apr 062009

The route 1091, unknown, 4002, 1091, unknown, 101, 1216, 1217, 1342, 1343, 1024, 1217, 1216, 101

Total distance 320 km

It was out of town on the 1091 then a left onto an unnumbered road

This road doesnt go too far before stopping at a village but its a pleasant little ride and great scenery always

In the village and theres some sort of festival going on

Time to ride back to the 1091

A few km later and its a left onto the 4002

Another lovely twisting road that goes through a couple of villages before turning to dirt

Hardly anything or anybody out here, its great, I ride to the dirt track then ride back to the 1091 and ride to Ban Luang

At Ban Luang I take a left onto an unnumbered road to ride across the mountains and reach the 101

I manage to ride this road today without any mishaps, last year the battery shorted out on the Bm and it had to be transported back to Nan in the back of a Police truck

This is a lovely twisty road along here and in good condition for a good way

The middle section is a hit and miss affair, last year the road works were going on but nothing seems to be finished and it alternates berween asphalt and unmade quite a few times over a short distance

You can forgive a less than perfect surface when you have scenery like this though

Then its a good surface to the 101, I turn right and ride towards Rong Kwang

I take a left onto the 1216

Now its a right onto the 1217

This is a fantastic road for the first part, twisty and in good condition

The surface deteriorates but the scenery doesnt

I reach the 1342 and do a right onto it

Some fires up here today, I dont know if it was something that they were burning but my throat went very dry and I couldnt stop coughing for a while until I got away from the smoke, strange as this has never happened to me before when riding past fires

Its very hazy in some pictures

Then clear in others

That reservoir looks a lot lower than usual

I reach the 1134, do a left then a few km later its a left onto the 1343

This road runs pretty much parallel with the 1342 so the same good scenery

That large gravel on this road that Happyfeet mentioned about on the 1092

I reach the 1024 and do a left onto it, this is a gravel strewn road and care is needed

Back on the 1217 again now

I reach the 1216 and ride along it to the 101 then on home, some really good roads again today, the only fly in the ointment was the loose gravel on some of them

A spaghetti carbonera and garlic bread at Da Darios tonight for 150 Baht

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