Mar 162013

The route 1090, 1251, 1021, Hwy1, 120, 118

Total distance 330 km

Roadside along the 1251 and still plenty of water in here

The 1251 splits and I take the left which takes me to Ban Bo Bia at N18.85223 E100.17051

A bit further along at N18.82302 E100.17443 is another village

Some dirt tracks to explore here on another visit

On the 120 and a totally dry waterfall here

I dont remember seeing this bridge here last year

The Tharn Tong waterfall

Steak fries and onions on the house at the unmentionable restaurant tonight, cheers Phil

Get the gdb file here …

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  3 Responses to “Nan Back To Chiang Mai”

  1. Darayus 5 nights and you could do a quick Nan trip, I cant comment on the weather then though as I am always in the UK at that time of year

  2. Hello Capt. Slash,
    we are a group of boys who have really appreciated your efforts to chronicle the road trips around Thailand. a couple of years back we had done the Mae Hong Son loop in February. We are planning a trip this year again but want to do the north eastern loop from Chiang Mae again. Was wondering if u had any suggestions? About 5 nights of riding in September is what we’re looking at. Thanks

  3. Hahaha, fun report! 
    Last time riding that route was returning from Nan after D and I’s short visit with you the new years before last. 
    Have napped at the Sala in your first pictures.
    And still keep in touch with a very pretty, Thai pharmacist from Bangkok, that I met at the waterfall beside the 120 route.
    Hope you find some clean air in Chiang Mai Colin!
    (unmentionable restaurant, funny)

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