Mar 262011

The route 1091, 1251, 1021, Hwy 1, 120, 118

Total distance 323 km

A pleasant ride back to Chiang Mai, starting out along the 1091

This road never fails to excite

Its getting a bit hazy now but it is nearly april

I take a left onto the 1251

Plenty of greenery along here

Some fine curves too

Some colour along the 120

As I am approaching Mae Khachan I see the temple on the hill, now to find it

It doesnt look very impressive up close right now but I bet when its finished it will, its located at N19.12.423 E099.29.462

Lots of bricks here, perhaps I can get a job

A future brickie perhaps

This website has some more pictures, plus probably more info if you can read Thai

Inside the temple

The craftsmen at work

The views from up here are good, I never knew of this reservoir and it will be visited on a future visit

This is on the way down going back towards the 118, from here its a pleasant ride along the 118 back to Chiang Mai

How could I ignore this at N18.47.039 E098.59.502

There was a 16 kg leg of pork cooking in here when I rode past earlier today

It was delicious and as its all you can eat you never go home hungry
Get the gdb file here …

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