Dec 172010

The route101, 3171, 1026, 1339, 2051, 3042, 1216

Total distance 250 km

First stop this morning was to get the oil changed, I walked around while it was being done and returned to find my tyres being over inflated so first stop from here was the PTT with a digital airline to get them the correct pressure again.
After I had finished the next customer started adjusting the air pressure and I couldnt help wondering what pressure he was putting in by the pinging of the airline

This was what he was putting in, must have been a heavy load that he was carrying

At Wiang Sa I stopped to put my pullover and tracksuit bottoms on under the airflow gear as I was freezing, not much further on and it started raining, usually its warm and wet but today it was cold and wet, even with the waterproof liners in I was still a bit cold

I ride to Na Muen then take the 1339 to visit Pak Nai

A cold and wet ride today

After about 9 km I noticed a new wider asphalt surface that wasnt here in january

As I climb higher it rains harder and the visibility isnt that great

That lovely new surface but it cant be fully enjoyed in the wet

As I start to descend the rain eases

At Pak Nai it isnt really raining just spitting in the wind

The water is a lot higher than usual, a few years ago when I came here in november the water was only about 1 metre from completely submerging the concrete building slightly to the left of the road so I guess this road was about 5 or 6 metres under water

Even the spot where the ferry goes from is well under water, no sign of the ferry today though but then i didnt ask for it as I had no intention of crossing over today

I turn round to ride back, theres been a bit of a landslide here

As I start to climb the rain returns

Just as I am about to enter Na Muen I see this stream with water in it that looks like its seen recent higher water

A few km north of Na Muen I take a left at N18.14.201 E100.40.562 onto the 2051

This is a twisty road

With equally good scenery

Theres a couple of villages on the way through

Its just spitting about with rain now but so cold, especially after yesterdays very hot temperature and the roads still wet unfortunately

I first found this road a few years ago but todays ride is only my second or possibly third time along here and its 16 km of enjoyment until it reaches the 3042 at N18.17.552 E100.35.434 where I turn right and ride 0.6 km to the 1216

At the 1216 I turn left and nearly straightaway at N18.17.738 E100.35.235 I take a left onto a concrete track to visit a new temple being constructed

Its 0.9 km from the 1216

N18.17.681 E100.35.132

On the way back I notice how green the football pitch is in a village after all the recent rain

Compared to when I rode along here 6 days ago

I stop at the Nam Haeng Reservoir

Theres definitely more of an overflow today

Than in the same picture from 6 days ago

Todays trip wraps up this visit to Nan, I have missed out about three of my usual roads but ridden the others plus found a good few more and theres still loads out there that I have yet to ride

Half a rack of ribs and double fries at Tonys Place tonight for 210 Baht, tonight I finished them okay.
Get the gdb file here …

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