Feb 222013

The route 1080

Total distance 104 km

Its a wet start to the morning and I try out this recommended restaurant for breakfast at N18.78522 E100.77464

This was very nice indeed and only 30 Baht

The rain eases off to a drizzle as I ride out of town

I take a left off the 1080 and its well soaked along here

Watching them at work laying blocks certainly doesnt make me feel homesick

That old wooden bridge is barely seen now

Looking at the old bridge from another angle and its virtually invisible

From the other side nature has already reclaimed it

Its a cold morning alright and this guy obviously thinks so too

At the end village I ride along a dirt track I mapped just over a year ago to see if I can loop it back to another track to the west

I cant believe how slippery it is today after that rain

I didnt get this far last time and the stream bed is now the track at times

That bridge was safer than it looked but I walked it first though

After that last hut the track appeared unused and here in the stream I leave the bike and walk on for a look

Deepish water and rocks to climb, no thanks

Just a goat track going on by the look of it from here anyway, oh well I rode about 1 km more anyway but no loop here

Now to ride back and try somewhere else

Back along the asphalt road I turn onto a dirt track at N18.98402 E100.68301

The back tyre which has tread gets these as a traction aid

That virtually bald front tyre must be fun on this greasy surface

The track splits a couple of times and only the start of this one showed on my GPS but I am off the track before it finishes here

Nothing more to see here so its time to ride back

Back on the paved road and the kids are in the river fishing

Back in Nan and theres a small walking street tonight

The guy sitting down is Nigel who makes the bread for Tony’s Place amongst others, he now has this mobile burger and hotdog stall at three different street markets, he makes the sausages/burgers too

A very nice sausage indeed

Equally pleasant was the burger, I had two of each for 180 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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