Dec 132010

The route 101, 3171, 1026, 4010, 1342, 1024, 1343, 1218, 1134

Total distance 248 km

It was pouring with rain here in Nan when I left the internet shop last night and it hammered down pretty much all night, I left town this morning with it only spitting and the roads not too wet until I get towards Wiang Sa when it starts raining properly again.
Here I am riding along the very wet 1026

Just before Na Muen and a lot of water everywhere, that was some rainfall

I ride to Na Muen then take the 4010, it was a few years ago when I last rode this way and then I dont remember an asphalt road at all

It certainly looks a promising road its just a shame that its raining hard and the visibility isnt so good

As I climb the visibility gets worse

I ride down a steep section and the view is a lot better

I reach a village with roads going off in other directions and at N18.10.823 E100.30.161 I take a left onto this concrete road that is numbered the 4010, the gps doesnt acknowledge this road at all

The sky is getting darker again

Through the trees I can see a nice shiny steep asphalt road

This was what I saw and boy is it steep, its a first gear job in places

I was watching the elevation and it didnt take long to quickly climb to 937

It was only a short section of asphalt and now its back to concrete, here at the top I can barely see anything

As I begin to descend visibility is returning

Now I can see again

This is one seriously steep descent and I watch the elevation quickly drop a few hundred metres

At N18.11.953 E100.25.983 the concrete surface stops and its an unpaved surface for 100 metres until N18.11.976 E100.25.932 where the new asphalt surface begins

Looking down into the village where the 1342 begins

I stop in the village for a look around

Some pork being barbequed

Plenty of pork for sale here

On the 1024 and this road in the hills is the steep descent that I rode down a bit earlier

I take the 1343 and its a hot sunny afternoon now and I am drying out

Fantastic scenery whichever way I look plus its so much fresher now after the rain

The Mae Thang Reservoir that I visited yesterday is also visible from the 1343

At the end of the 1343 after a lot of searching I find the track to the Huai Mae Tek Reservoir at N18.12.302 E100.17.460

This one is overflowing, I mark it at the overflow as N18.11.975 E100.17.760

I walked in the water to the start of the slope and it was hard not to slip over with all the algae on the concrete

Its a beautiful afternoon now and a shame it wasnt like this in the morning, I will ride the 4010 again in the dry with hopefully much better visibility plus explore some of the roads that go off in different directions at the village in the middle of it

Another pizza at the Nan Steak House tonight, the best in town.
Get the gdb file here …

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