Mar 122013

The route 1169, 1081, 1256

Total distance 194 km

First thing this morning it was check the coolant level in the radiator and as expected it was low, I filled it up with water and then set off.
A short dirt section from N19.13286 E100.95104 to N19.13590 E100.95163

Dirt starts at N19.15038 E100.95888

I am riding on a ridgeline track that runs parallel to both the track I was on yesterday and also the 1256

The villages I visited yesterday on the other track

I stop in the big village at N19.15802 E101.02141

This lady kindly brings me some cold water

Theres another village but not on todays or yesterdays track, this one is accessed from the 1256

I ride to the very end of the track to the huts I could see from yesterdays ride, heres the communal bamboo cup

The look on his face says that was good

My GPS shows I am 500 metres away from and 110 metres higher than the end of yesterdays track where I found that old deserted building.
My legs didnt want to walk it holding the GPS and theres no way I am riding along that

Back in the village at the school

Views from the school

I thought this was a dead end, nothing was showing on the GPS but then a pick up slowly drives into the school and disappears down an unseen track.
I of course follow and make a good find

Still wet here

A dried up waterfall

The pick up stops here but I ride on down

In the centre of the photo is an unknown road leading back to the highway

Another small village at N19.17612 E101.00825

There are concrete strips in places along this track which finishes at N19.18020 E10098160 as I join the 1256

Along the 1256 and hardly any water at all flowing in the rivers now

Riding back along the 1081 I take a side road and dirt starts at N19.03762 E100.92539

I return to the paved surface at N19.04044 E100.93001 and ride back to the 1081 before turning around and riding back to explore more

Lots of slashing has taken place but thankfully no burning just yet

Heres where I left off for today leaving a waypoint for future reference, its gone 4 pm and as nothing is showing on my GPS I really dont know if this track carries on to an exit or whether its a dead end

Great scenery again with two good finds plus the KLX held its water today.
Sadly only three more days riding for this trip to Nan but theres more new unexplored tracks to find next trip

This track takes me back to the 1081 and dirt finishes at N19.02603 E100.93143 making two loops found today that were not showing on the GPS

I record my first kill of the holiday as this chicken decided to run under the back wheel

An escalope of chicken neopolitan with sauce, pasta and onions for 195 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. No I left it on the road, I didnt think Tony would have appreciated a feathered one, the chickens owners probably wouldnt have seen the funny side either

  2. Hahaha, kill a chicken, than eat it – or was that not the same one

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