Dec 092014

Total distance 142 km
Nan 9-12-14-img_6657.jpg
Riding unmapped tracks neat Wiang Sa and lots of rubber around
Nan 9-12-14-img_6656.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6655.jpg
I just kept on finding tracks that weren’t on any gps map
Nan 9-12-14-img_6654.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6653.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6652.jpg
I found a few puddles today and seeing the colour of the water in the river I guess some rain fell here recently
Nan 9-12-14-img_6651.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6650.jpg
Very close to Wiang Sa
Nan 9-12-14-img_6649.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6648.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6647.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6646.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6645.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6644.jpg

Nan 9-12-14-img_6642.jpg
Picking the tamarind
Nan 9-12-14-img_6643.jpg
I am given two, they went down well
Nan 9-12-14-img_6658.jpg
Chicken parmesan breast with carbonera spaghetti at Tony’s Place 190 Baht


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