Dec 082014

Total distance 148 km
Nan 8-12-14-img_6635.jpg
Going over some old tracks again today and finding lots more unmapped one in the process
Nan 8-12-14-img_6634.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6633.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6632.jpg
This bridge wasn’t there when I rode here a couple of years ago and it was through the water then, today I try the bridge out
Nan 8-12-14-img_6631.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6630.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6629.jpg
These are great fun tracks
Nan 8-12-14-img_6628.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6627.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6626.jpg
That’s too deep to cross with a fast current too, I walk through it carrying the GPS so when I find the other sides entrance the track will be completed
Nan 8-12-14-img_6625.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6624.jpg
Electric fences out in these parts
Nan 8-12-14-img_6623.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6622.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6621.jpg

Nan 8-12-14-img_6619.jpg
Huai Nam Hi Reservoir
Nan 8-12-14-img_6620.jpg
Almost full
Nan 8-12-14-img_6637.jpg
A chicken and mushroom pie from Bread N Stuff for 80 Baht
Nan 8-12-14-img_6639.jpg
A slightly unhealthy meal tonight apart from the onion but who cares, it was a very delicious pie


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