Dec 072014

Total distance 115 km
Nan 7-12-14-img_6594.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6595.jpg
Easy riding on these tracks in top gear
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Nan 7-12-14-img_6597.jpg

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I find this unmapped track and find the workers stopped for lunch
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Nan 7-12-14-img_6601.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6602.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6603.jpg
Heading north along the 4027 and any tracks going off to the west will not link up with the 3020 because that mountain ridge is in the way
Nan 7-12-14-img_6604.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6605.jpg
The 4027 is another road that has been paved a lot further north than it was two years ago, theres about a 6 km section of dirt left before it meets the 3046.
Four years ago on the Honda Phantom when I mapped this road for the first time it was mostly dirt between the 101 and the 1091, now theres only two sections of dirt left, give it a couple more years and I expect it to be paved throughout
Nan 7-12-14-img_6606.jpg
Finally the last dirt section is found
Nan 7-12-14-img_6607.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6608.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6609.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6610.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6611.jpg

Nan 7-12-14-img_6612.jpg

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Finally after trying for a week I get my chicken massaman from the market, 2 portions plus rice 70 Baht


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