Dec 072014

Total distance 116 km
Nan 6-12-14-img_6572.jpg
Smoke isn’t what I really want to see
Nan 6-12-14-img_6573.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6574.jpg
Todays trip was to ride where I hadn’t been for a couple of years to get an update on a track that was mostly dirt but is slowly being paved
Nan 6-12-14-img_6575.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6576.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6577.jpg
These were interesting to ride over
Nan 6-12-14-img_6578.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6579.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6580.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6581.jpg
That village isn’t far away but I cant find a way down from these tracks, perhaps the only way in is by the paved road I used before
Nan 6-12-14-img_6582.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6583.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6584.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6585.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6586.jpg
The 4002 has a new asphalt section going further south than before
Nan 6-12-14-img_6587.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6588.jpg
Then a few km of dirt left until just before it meets the 3046
Nan 6-12-14-img_6589.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6590.jpg

Nan 6-12-14-img_6591.jpg
I eat at a moo kata outside the Nara supermarket, 149 Baht
Nan 6-12-14-img_6592.jpg
Includes ice cream


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