Dec 052014

Total distance 105 km
Nan 5-12-14-img_6525.jpg
Back to where I left off yesterday
Nan 5-12-14-img_6526.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6527.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6528.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6529.jpg
Getting closer to the Ranger Station
Nan 5-12-14-img_6530.jpg
It shouldn’t be too difficult terrain if that can do it
Nan 5-12-14-img_6531.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6532.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6533.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6534.jpg
A small village out here
Nan 5-12-14-img_6535.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6536.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6537.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6538.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6539.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6541.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6542.jpg
Now at the Ranger station
Nan 5-12-14-img_6543.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6544.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6545.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6546.jpg
I have never seen the inside of a solar power unit before
Nan 5-12-14-img_6548.jpg
I was remembered from my previous visit here from three years ago by her
Nan 5-12-14-img_6549.jpg
Now to ride a trail that for some reason I didn’t finish last time
Nan 5-12-14-img_6550.jpg
It gets a bit rocky and narrow at times
Nan 5-12-14-img_6551.jpg
Then through bamboo coverage
Nan 5-12-14-img_6552.jpg
Finally it emerges onto another track I mapped yesterday and a loop has been found
Nan 5-12-14-img_6553.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6554.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6555.jpg
A lot of these today
Nan 5-12-14-img_6556.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6557.jpg
That wide hole in the middle was a bit off putting though
Nan 5-12-14-img_6558.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6559.jpg

Nan 5-12-14-img_6561.jpg
Home made chicken pie with a double portion of sauté potatoes at Tony’s Place, 190 Baht


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