Dec 142010

The route 101, 1026, 4010, 4001, 3171

Total distance 303 km

I rode out of Nan on a fine but cloudy morning determined to enjoy the 4010 again in the dry, between Wiang Sa and Na Noi the roads were suddenly wet and it started raining.
I couldnt believe it two mornings on the trot, but thankfully after a few km it dried up then almost immediately it was a clear sunny sky and on I rode riding on a dry 4010

Much better visibility today

I ride into a village where the roads go in all directions, At N18.10.255 E100.30.151 I take a left onto an unnumbered
concrete road and 1.4 km later see an asphalt road to my left, I turn onto it at N18.09.621 E100.29.993, 1.3 km later it finishes and turns to dirt at N18.19.015 E100.29.962

Workers taking a break

Its a nice wide piece of asphalt for its short length

I ride back turning left onto the unnumbered road

Once out of a village this too turns to asphalt

I can see a nice twisty road going up into the hills ahead

6.8 km from the 4010 at N18.07.803 E100.28.353 the road turns to dirt

I ride on for 1.7 km then stop at N18.07.471 E100.27.658 and turn around as with the recent heavy rains this red surface is very slippery

It sure is a stunning view from up here though

I ride back to the crossroads at the 4010 then take a left onto a narrow concrete road that finishes 2 km later at
N18.10.100 E100.29.225

Some good views along here too, I ride back to the crossroads and turn left, this road is the 4001 and I stay on it until N18.11.695 E100.29.647 where I take a left onto an unnumbered concrete road

I stop at the Nang Kwak Waterfall at N18.12.404 E100.29.424

I guess I am in luck with the recent rains giving it a better flow

There is supposedly another water fall further along but the concrete road finishes at N18.13.072 E100.29.880 3.4 km from the 4001

I ride along the dirt track going through three water crossings

What a lovely sight

After 2.9 km at N18.14.330 E100.29.416 I decide to call it a day, perhaps next trip I will locate it

Time to ride back enjoying the view in the other direction

I reach the 4001 turning left onto it and ride its length which is 7km further on, then at N18.13.108 E100.32.184 it stops and turns into a dirt road, possibly the 4081

I turn round and ride back 2.3 km then take a right at N18.13.125 E100.31.172 to visit a waterfall

After a 1.7 km ride I park at N18.13.851 E100.31.187 a very short walk from the Wang Khiao Waterfall

There is another waterfall but its 1.6 km away, I dont fancy walking neither riding on a slippery dirt track so I miss this one out

Right opposite the turning for the 4010 these schoolgirls seem to be taking it easy

This is the steep climb on the 4010, 269 metres in 1.4 km, I make that more than 19%

The view from the top today, no fog to mess it up

Of course the obligatory Buddha is up here

The steep descent, 114 metres in 0.57 km is exactly a 20% fall, steep indeed and a first gear job to come back up

I ride to the end of the concrete road then turn around to enjoy the 4010 in the opposite direction

A bit of cutting work to make this road

Good views on the return trip too

The lovely new asphalt section of the 4010

I am nearing Na Muen now, well I would imagine that there will be a few of you that will try this one out on your next visit to Nan, its certainly well worth it believe me

After that lovely trip it was a lovely breakfast at Tonys Place.

Get the gdb file here …

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