Dec 042014

Total distance 116 km
Nan 4-12-14-img_6490.jpg

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Not far offroad I happen upon this, I guess a puncture is the culprit
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Nan 4-12-14-img_6491.jpg
They soon return with the wheel
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Nan 4-12-14-img_6495.jpg
She sure looks a bit glum
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That bridge was long with a steep drop, I wasn’t going to risk that alone as there was no one around to help if things went wrong
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Nan 4-12-14-img_6509.jpg
A bit of a waterfall here too right beside the bridge
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I had a fun day out in this direction, its been three years since I last rode along this way and it was nice to ride it again, theres more to do out there tomorrow too
Nan 4-12-14-img_6516.jpg
A new restaurant tonight that was recommended by a friend.
Zap 2, pronounced “zeb song”
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Nan 4-12-14-img_6522.jpg
N18.80743 E100.77685
Nan 4-12-14-img_6518.jpg
Inside is no smoking
Nan 4-12-14-img_6521.jpg
Moo hunglay and two portions of rice 90 Baht


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