Jan 032014
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The route 1091

Total distance 88 km
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3152.jpg
I wasnt expecting to find this as its been dry for three weeks
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3151.jpg
But in the woods under the trees its still wet in places
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3150.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3149.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3148.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3147.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3146.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3145.jpg
Always somone coming along out on these tracks
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3144.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3143.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3153.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3154.jpg
This small obstacle prevented me from linking up a track but there was no way through
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3166.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3165.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3164.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3162.jpg
Under some serious bamboo cover now
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3160.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3159.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3158.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3157.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3156.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3155.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3142.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3141.jpg
Barbecue time
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3128.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3127.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3126.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3125.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3124.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3123.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3117.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3118.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3120.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3129.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3130.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3140.jpg
This was a tricky crossing that has convinced me I need a smaller bike for some of these off road trips
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3139.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3138.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3137.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3136.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3135.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3134.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3133.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3132.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3131.jpg

Nan 3/1/2014-img_3122.jpg
Another Nan trip comes to an end and its back to Chiang Mai tomorrow after finding and mapping lots of new tracks over the last month
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3170.jpg
Tony’s Place for my final dinner
Nan 3/1/2014-img_3167.jpg
Steak and ale pie, roast potatoes, cauliflower and gravy for 270 Baht.
I was kindly treated by Phil, cheers Phil


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  1. Yes I am back on the job now Kevin

  2. Good Evening Colin!

    Hoping your bike is back together and you can get back to doing what you do! Make sure they didn’t over tighten your steering, many others including myself noted that CM Kawasaki cranked the bearings down too tight!.

    And I need your ride reports with my morning. I’m working close to the arctic this week, many feet of snow and -5 to -40 F weather, I need your ride reports.


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