Dec 302013

The route 1168, 2035

Total distance 83 km
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Carrying on from where new tracks were explored with Nigel yesterday its more of the same today
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Nan 30/12/2013-img_2945.jpg
A nice twisty one through the trees
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Some recently upgraded ones were found today and lots more that werent on any map
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Nan 30/12/2013-img_2954.jpg
Get out here soon before this gets paved
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Nan 30/12/2013-img_2957.jpg

Nan 30/12/2013-img_2958.jpg
Some of these tracks go a long way out before they finish
Nan 30/12/2013-img_2959.jpg

Nan 30/12/2013-img_2960.jpg

Nan 30/12/2013-img_2961.jpg
The Nam Kian reservoir
Nan 30/12/2013-img_2962.jpg

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Nan 30/12/2013-img_2965.jpg
A couple of wonky bridges were also encountered
Nan 30/12/2013-img_2966.jpg

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Nan 30/12/2013-img_2970.jpg
Another fun day exploring is over
Nan 30/12/2013-img_2972.jpg
Chicken cordon bleu. saute and onions for 240 Baht at Tony’s Place


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