Dec 032014

Total distance 124 km
Nan 3-12-14-img_6444.jpg
This bridge looks like the rainy season nearly washed it away
Nan 3-12-14-img_6445.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6446.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6447.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6448.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6449.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6450.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6451.jpg
Exploring some new unmapped trails
Nan 3-12-14-img_6452.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6453.jpg
Lovely scenery right now
Nan 3-12-14-img_6454.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6455.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6456.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6457.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6458.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6459.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6460.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6461.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6462.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6463.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6464.jpg
Now on a track I am trying to explore for the third attempt and its blocked again but I get past the obstacle
Nan 3-12-14-img_6465.jpg
Watershed Office
Nan 3-12-14-img_6466.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6467.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6468.jpg
The track is a bit overgrown here
Nan 3-12-14-img_6469.jpg
This was too low to get the KLX under so its turn back time yet again
Nan 3-12-14-img_6470.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6471.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6472.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6473.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6474.jpg
Exploring more farm trails
Nan 3-12-14-img_6475.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6476.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6477.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6478.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6479.jpg
Back in Nan at the Shell garage
Nan 3-12-14-img_6480.jpg

Nan 3-12-14-img_6485.jpg
Spaghetti carbonara at Tony’s Place 105 Baht


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