Dec 282014

Total distance 147 km
Nan 28-12-14-img_7198.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7197.jpg
Fantastic scenery again from along the 4005
Nan 28-12-14-img_7196.jpg
The 3031 still has this short dirt section
Nan 28-12-14-img_7195.jpg
A mid afternoon delight from the ice cream man
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Nan 28-12-14-img_7193.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7192.jpg
Exploring dirt tracks off the 1258
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Nan 28-12-14-img_7190.jpg
All that remains of the old bamboo bridge in Ban Nam Phu, this year for the first time ever the villagers have not needed to replace it after the rainy season has washed it away
Nan 28-12-14-img_7189.jpg
The old disused deserted crossing
Nan 28-12-14-img_7188.jpg
Photos from both sides of the new bridge
Nan 28-12-14-img_7187.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7186.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7185.jpg
The new concrete bridge
Nan 28-12-14-img_7184.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7183.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7182.jpg
Just beautiful up here
Nan 28-12-14-img_7181.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7180.jpg
On the other side of the bridge and the dirt track that will take me back to the 1243
Nan 28-12-14-img_7179.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7178.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7177.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7176.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7175.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7174.jpg
Another dirt track that goes from Mae Charim and joins the 1168
Nan 28-12-14-img_7173.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7172.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7171.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7170.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7169.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7168.jpg
The Huai Haet reservoir
Nan 28-12-14-img_7167.jpg

Nan 28-12-14-img_7200.jpg
Half a chicken, sage&onion stuffing, roast potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and gravy at Tony’s Place 280 Baht


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  1. Enjoy your forthcoming trip Koen


  2. I guess you’re still asleep when I post this. still about 7 weeks to go (truckdriving) and then bike enjoying. Koen

  3. Hi Colin, you’re out there again, enjoying yourselve. how do you do it (little jeaulous). februari,I’ll be there as well. see you, Koen.

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