Dec 272013

The route 4013, 1080

Total distance 85 km
Nan 27/12/2013-img_2825.jpg
A late start today and exploring tracks closest to town
Nan 27/12/2013-img_2829.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2830.jpg
I had never seen this before, its located at N18.79204 E100.75150
Nan 27/12/2013-img_2832.jpg
Looks like the money ran out though
Nan 27/12/2013-img_2833.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2834.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2835.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2836.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2837.jpg
This guy was doing a good job of getting that table level
Nan 27/12/2013-img_2838.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2839.jpg
Even using a spirit level
Nan 27/12/2013-img_2840.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2841.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2842.jpg
Looks like a party is being set up here out in the woods
Nan 27/12/2013-img_2843.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2844.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2845.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2847.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2848.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2849.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2850.jpg

Nan 27/12/2013-img_2855.jpg
Back at Tony’s Place
Nan 27/12/2013-img_2852.jpg
Chicken chasseur for 180 Baht


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