Dec 272014

Total distance 203 km

The riders

Klaus Honda CRF 250
Colin Kawasaki KLX 150
Nan 27-12-14-img_7138.jpg
Klaus and I met up for breakfast then set off to enjoy some of Nans lovely scenery
Nan 27-12-14-img_7139.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7140.jpg
Enjoying the 1168 and looking down on Nam Tuang
Nan 27-12-14-img_7141.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7142.jpg
The paved surface has been extended further out from Nam Tuang than on my last visit, then its back to the dirt
Nan 27-12-14-img_7143.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7144.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7145.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7146.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7147.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7148.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7149.jpg
A few fun water crossings were found
Nan 27-12-14-img_7150.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7151.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7152.jpg
This was a very steep at the bottom hill that I needed to try from two different angles before managing to get up it
Nan 27-12-14-img_7153.jpg
Klaus wasn’t so lucky, the Honda was jumping on the uneven surface and couldn’t make it, I had walked back down but there was nothing that could be done
Nan 27-12-14-img_7154.jpg
Now for the unpleasant walk back up it and that was the hardest part of todays ride
Nan 27-12-14-img_7155.jpg
I pushed on for another 1.5 km until I was just under 500 metres from the Laos border then the track stopped
Nan 27-12-14-img_7156.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7157.jpg
Now to enjoy the ride back
Nan 27-12-14-img_7158.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7159.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7160.jpg

Nan 27-12-14-img_7161.jpg
Moo hunglay and rice from the market 60 Baht


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