Dec 262014

Total distance 126 km
Nan 26-12-14-img_7133.jpg

Nan 26-12-14-img_7132.jpg
A late start and only a road trip today
Nan 26-12-14-img_7131.jpg
The Nam Muap reservoir was only about one metre below capacity
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Nan 26-12-14-img_7129.jpg

Nan 26-12-14-img_7128.jpg
Spotted in Santisuk
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Nan 26-12-14-img_7126.jpg

Nan 26-12-14-img_7125.jpg

Nan 26-12-14-img_7123.jpg
The Huai Pa reservoir
Nan 26-12-14-img_7124.jpg
This was overflowing
Nan 26-12-14-img_7122.jpg

Nan 26-12-14-img_7121.jpg
The Nan river
Nan 26-12-14-img_7134.jpg
Food was a party at Sean’s house tonight
Nan 26-12-14-img_7135.jpg
A wide range of delicious food


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