Dec 252013

The route 1091, 3030

Total distance 109 km
Nan 25/12/2013-img_2735.jpg
Lots of rubber tappers seen lately
Nan 25/12/2013-img_2736.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2737.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2738.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2739.jpg
I am moving into hillier territory now and only a couple of link ups today, the rest were all dead ends
Nan 25/12/2013-img_2740.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2741.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2742.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2744.jpg
I always seem to find more people resting than working
Nan 25/12/2013-img_2745.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2746.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2747.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2748.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2749.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2750.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2751.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2752.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2753.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2755.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2756.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2757.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2758.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2759.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2760.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2761.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2762.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2763.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2764.jpg

Nan 25/12/2013-img_2765.jpg
It looks like some burning has taken place here
Nan 25/12/2013-img_2768.jpg
Christmas dinner was at Thomas’s house, he is one of Tony’s friend who invited a few of us over
Nan 25/12/2013-img_2770.jpg
A lovely dinner indeed, thanks Thomas


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