Dec 252014

Total distance 83 km
Nan 25-12-14-img_7094.jpg
A nice easy few tracks for a Christmas days ride with a bit of single track here and there
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Nan 25-12-14-img_7096.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7097.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7098.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7099.jpg
Huai Khai Nao reservoir, its funny how this small one shows on the gps map but the much larger one nearby doesnt
Nan 25-12-14-img_7101.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7102.jpg
On a very narrow single track I meet this guy busy cutting the bamboo down to take back to the village, he mentioned khao lam so I guess that’s what its for.
Here was the only wide part of the track with room to turn around
Nan 25-12-14-img_7103.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7104.jpg
I ride further but decide to turn around when I find a place that I can
Nan 25-12-14-img_7105.jpg
The track carries on and its one I would like to explore later in the year when its died down a bit
Nan 25-12-14-img_7106.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7107.jpg
Riding back I meet him again with his cargo
Nan 25-12-14-img_7108.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7109.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7112.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7110.jpg

Nan 25-12-14-img_7111.jpg
Stream beds feature quite a lot on todays ride with lots of mud encountered too
Nan 25-12-14-img_7113.jpg
One of these tracks makes a surprise loop back to the road.
This pretty much ties up mapping the tracks that I have been concentrating on for the past week, so now a new area needs to be chosen
Nan 25-12-14-img_7114.jpg
Its too early to go home so I ride to check the water level at the Huai Wa reservoir and its well down
Nan 25-12-14-img_7115.jpg
Standing on the overflow and its about 10 metres below capacity
Nan 25-12-14-img_7117.jpg
At a shop and this guy had a bird perched on his shoulder pecking at the lolly as he held it up
Nan 25-12-14-img_7118.jpg
Now on his hand enjoying a cool drink
Nan 25-12-14-img_7116.jpg
Still stuffed from yesterdays meal I eat a moo phad kapow tonight 30 Baht


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