Dec 242014

Total distance 102 km
Nan 24-12-14-img_7067.jpg
A good nights sleep and most of the aches from yesterdays tumble have nearly gone
Nan 24-12-14-img_7068.jpg
The first of todays tracks soon comes to an abrupt end
Nan 24-12-14-img_7069.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7070.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7071.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7072.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7074.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7075.jpg
Mostly dry dusty tracks today but a couple in the shade were wet and slippery
Nan 24-12-14-img_7076.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7077.jpg
Along the 101 and the Police are putting up speed limit signs
Nan 24-12-14-img_7078.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7079.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7080.jpg
I guess this is a Chinese burial ground
Nan 24-12-14-img_7081.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7082.jpg
An unmapped unknown reservoir found today
Nan 24-12-14-img_7083.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7084.jpg
The back brake is making metal on metal noises and closer inspection reveals the pads are down to metal in only 5400 km
Nan 24-12-14-img_7085.jpg
Back in town at Kawasali having the rear brake pads changed
Nan 24-12-14-img_7086.jpg
These were 290 Baht, genuine Nissin ones were 750 Baht, I try out the cheaper ones and they very quickly bedded in, hopefully they will last a lot longer
Nan 24-12-14-img_7087.jpg
I cant believe 5400 km did this to them, the KLX 250 did I think 24,000 km on a rear set
Nan 24-12-14-img_7088.jpg

Nan 24-12-14-img_7090.jpg
Roast pork, stuffing, potatoes and gravy at Thomas’s house for Christmas dinner
Nan 24-12-14-img_7091.jpg
Rice cake dessert, thoroughly delicious too


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