Dec 232013

The route 1091, 3030, 4013

Total distance 105 km
Nan 23/12/2013-img_2650.jpg
I started exploring a new area today just out of town along the 1091 and found some interesting new trails a lot of which werent showing on the ESRI map.
The best thng was they all linked up with each other, totally opposite to what the ESRI said
Nan 23/12/2013-img_2651.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2652.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2653.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2654.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2655.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2656.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2657.jpg
Thats far enough along this no through track
Nan 23/12/2013-img_2658.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2659.jpg
Nice dry tracks but a couple of times under the trees they were still damp and slippery
Nan 23/12/2013-img_2660.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2661.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2662.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2663.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2664.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2665.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2666.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2667.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2668.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2669.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2670.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2671.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2672.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2673.jpg
A few of these seen today
Nan 23/12/2013-img_2674.jpg
I got a photo of the stork which was standing on one leg
Nan 23/12/2013-img_2675.jpg
Then as I zoomed the camera in for a close up the bastard flew off
Nan 23/12/2013-img_2676.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2677.jpg
Getting to 16.00 hours and the temperature is dropping now
Nan 23/12/2013-img_2678.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2679.jpg

Nan 23/12/2013-img_2681.jpg
Two portions of chicken massaman and one of rice at the market for 70 baht


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