Dec 232014

Total distance 133 km
Nan 23-12-14-img_7024.jpg
Along the road to Ban Santiphap
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Nan 23-12-14-img_7036.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7037.jpg
At high altitude
Nan 23-12-14-img_7038.jpg
Even up here theres a tap with running water
Nan 23-12-14-img_7039.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7040.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7041.jpg
Now to ride back down
Nan 23-12-14-img_7042.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7043.jpg
The cattle moved out of the way but little did I know that one of the bastards would have me off on the ride back
Nan 23-12-14-img_7044.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7045.jpg
Riding back and one of them runs out, I swerve to miss it, hit a rut and come off.
Hopefully I will feel okay tomorrow, initially it was only the right palm and wrist that was causing discomfort but that eased as the day went on, now its my right ankle that’s hurting more.
I could smell petrol so quickly got the bike up, it took a bit of starting as its equipped with Luddite technology (a crappy carburettor) whereas on the FI equipped 250 it just instantly started whenever it went over
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Nan 23-12-14-img_7048.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7049.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7050.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7051.jpg
A couple of unknown reservoirs found today
Nan 23-12-14-img_7052.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7053.jpg
On another track I see these, thankfully this lot were no trouble
Nan 23-12-14-img_7054.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7055.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7056.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7057.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7058.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7059.jpg
The end of this track
Nan 23-12-14-img_7060.jpg
Another unknown reservoir
Nan 23-12-14-img_7061.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7062.jpg
Almost full this one
Nan 23-12-14-img_7063.jpg

Nan 23-12-14-img_7065.jpg
Double portion of chicken massaman and rice from the market 70 Baht


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