Dec 222014

Total distance 110 km
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I couldn’t get away from oranges today, these pickers even gave me a load
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Dust and shit going everywhere from this
Nan 22-12-14-img_6994.jpg
Climbing up into the hills and I can still see the cloud of dust from below
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Nan 22-12-14-img_6997.jpg
I guess the teddy bears frighten the birds away
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Nan 22-12-14-img_6999.jpg
The track turns to single and a new wooden bridge has been laid
Nan 22-12-14-img_7000.jpg
The old one has completely collapsed
Nan 22-12-14-img_7001.jpg
Through the woods now, as I am climbing up a steep section a couple of bikes come down laden with sacks of sweetcorn
Nan 22-12-14-img_7002.jpg
At the peak and out in the open
Nan 22-12-14-img_7003.jpg

Nan 22-12-14-img_7004.jpg
On the way back I pass the bikes again as they ride up to reload
Nan 22-12-14-img_7005.jpg
I was surprised to see this out in the middle of nowhere
Nan 22-12-14-img_7007.jpg
My landlady says its about planting trees in Nanthaburi NP
Nan 22-12-14-img_7008.jpg
Further on and new shelters in the middle of nowhere
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Nan 22-12-14-img_7010.jpg

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Nan 22-12-14-img_7012.jpg

Nan 22-12-14-img_7013.jpg
Out here I am completely alone, no sight or sound of anything
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Nan 22-12-14-img_7016.jpg
The tranquillity of solitude up here is great
Nan 22-12-14-img_7017.jpg
On the ride back and a shooter appears
Nan 22-12-14-img_7018.jpg

Nan 22-12-14-img_7019.jpg
I don’t know what this was about
Nan 22-12-14-img_7021.jpg
Fish&chips at Nan Steakhouse 150 Baht and delicious


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