Jan 022014

The route 1091, 16101

Total distance 94 km
Nan 2/1/2014-img_3108.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3092.jpg
Lots of dogs spotted out on todays tracks
Nan 2/1/2014-img_3091.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3090.jpg
This guy and his helper were camping out here in those tents
Nan 2/1/2014-img_3089.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3088.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3087.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3086.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3085.jpg
Lots of fun on these today
Nan 2/1/2014-img_3084.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3094.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3095.jpg
Looking at that made me look forward to tonights food
Nan 2/1/2014-img_3097.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3107.jpg
Some lovely views up high today
Nan 2/1/2014-img_3106.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3105.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3104.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3103.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3101.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3100.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3099.jpg
One narrow water crossing was all I encountered
Nan 2/1/2014-img_3098.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3083.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3082.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3066.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3065.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3064.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3063.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3062.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3060.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3057.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3058.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3069.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3071.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3072.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3081.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3080.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3079.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3078.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3077.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3076.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3075.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3074.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3073.jpg

Nan 2/1/2014-img_3059.jpg
A shot of the 1091
Nan 2/1/2014-img_3110.jpg
Sage and onion stuffing inside the chicken, roast potatoes, cauliflower and gravy for 240 Baht at Tony’s Place


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