Dec 212013

The route 1080, 1170, 1081, 1169

Total distance 132 km
Nan 21/12/2013-img_2550.jpg
First stop was at Tham Pha Tup Forest cave
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Nan 21/12/2013-img_2552.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2554.jpg
It was a bit of an effort climbing up to see these caves
Nan 21/12/2013-img_2555.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2557.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2558.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2559.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2560.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2561.jpg
Now at Wat Nong Bua
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Nan 21/12/2013-img_2563.jpg

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Nan 21/12/2013-img_2566.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2567.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2568.jpg

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Nan 21/12/2013-img_2572.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2573.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2575.jpg

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Nan 21/12/2013-img_2578.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2579.jpg
Not the most exciting waterfall I have ever seen
Nan 21/12/2013-img_2580.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2581.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2585.jpg
Some pork and chicken at the walking street market tonight for 100 Baht
Nan 21/12/2013-img_2586.jpg
A willing helper finishes the meal completely off
Nan 21/12/2013-img_2587.jpg

Nan 21/12/2013-img_2588.jpg


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