Dec 212014

Total distance 110 km
Nan 21-12-14-img_6966.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6981.jpg
I finished mapping the tracks down as far as the Santhipap turning today
Nan 21-12-14-img_6980.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6979.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6978.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6977.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6976.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6975.jpg
More fun interesting ones that linked up
Nan 21-12-14-img_6974.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6973.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6972.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6971.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6970.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6969.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6968.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6967.jpg

Nan 21-12-14-img_6982.jpg
Chicken Madras and rice at Tony’s Place 160 Baht


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