Dec 202014

Total distance 99 km
Nan 20-12-14-img_6945.jpg
A few of these small ponds covered in greenery were seen today
Nan 20-12-14-img_6961.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6960.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6959.jpg
On the ridge a lot today with splendid views
Nan 20-12-14-img_6958.jpg
A small home out in the hills
Nan 20-12-14-img_6957.jpg
The owner and her daughter, this photo is blurred unfortunately
Nan 20-12-14-img_6956.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6955.jpg
That was a sturdy enough bridge
Nan 20-12-14-img_6954.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6953.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6952.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6951.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6950.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6949.jpg
This track was a bit damp under the trees
Nan 20-12-14-img_6948.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6947.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6946.jpg

Nan 20-12-14-img_6962.jpg
Moo hunglay and rice from the market 70 Baht


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