Feb 282013

The route 1080, 1291, 4017

Total distance 272 km

The riders

Alex Honda CRF 250
Captain_Slash Kawasaki KLX 250

Our breakfast at the noodle shop

We ride to the end of the 4017 at Manee Pruek then take the dirt road to see how far we can get

I got to just past here a year ago but it was too slippery after some rain then to ride any further but today we push on

We both agreed it was a lot cooler here today than it has been for a few days

The end of one track here

Alex shows me his cut elbow after a spill but no harm or damage done thankfully

We were surprised to find this family living here

Now exploring another track

Theres a few homes out here at N19.50261 E101.05364

This guy with his wife and kid on that 2 stroke was really bombing along

Pork ribs and saute potatoes for 175 Baht at Tony’s Place

It was a great day out Alex, thanks for joining and for dinner

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Lost track of for how many years I’ve never missed a ride report of yours! And the Tony’s place grub is the best looking of the whole trip!

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