Dec 192013

The route 1080

Total distance 88 km
Nan 19/12/2013-img_2511.jpg
A good school to send your kids to
Nan 19/12/2013-img_2510.jpg
They appear to actually like them here
Nan 19/12/2013-img_2509.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2508.jpg
More good views from on high
Nan 19/12/2013-img_2506.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2504.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2503.jpg
A couple of friendly pups
Nan 19/12/2013-img_2500.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2499.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2498.jpg
Lunch time
Nan 19/12/2013-img_2497.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2496.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2494.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2493.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2492.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2490.jpg
Only dry tracks today
Nan 19/12/2013-img_2489.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2513.jpg

Nan 19/12/2013-img_2516.jpg
Pork en croute, roast potatoes, cauliflower, brocolli and gravy at Tony’s Place 180 Baht


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  1. Hi Mike

    I am using a Garmin GPSmap 60Cx. glad you like the site

  2. Captain,
    Thank-you very much for posting all of these fantastic rides.  Could you please inform me as to what model Garmin or GPS devise you use in Thailand?  Thank you again for all the great information and fantastic photos of your trips which really give me a realistic view of the routes.  They are the BEST that I have found.     Keep them coming!!!!!   Mike

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