Dec 182013

The route 4019, 1080

Total distance 93 km
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2455.jpg
Willy with his special Honda Dream, a front disc brake , beefed up suspension and wider Michelin tyres which he says make this a much more comfortable bike.
Willy is the sort of rider I really admire, he has an artificial leg but just gets on with enjoying life and riding, none of this too wet/dry/hot/cold/windy/dusty/hazy/smoky/crap that I sometimes hear from some fair weather fairy types.
I told him about the HU meeting in january and he said he hopes to be in town for it, if you see him say hello, hes a friendly guy and a true biker
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2456.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2457.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2458.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2459.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2460.jpg
The rubber tapper lady certainly seems to be happy in her job
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2461.jpg
It was cold riding under the trees this morning
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2462.jpg
Much nicer out in the sun though
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2463.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2464.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2465.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2466.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2467.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2468.jpg
I didnt expect the Nan river to still be this colour though
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2469.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2470.jpg
Its still wet under the trees with mud about in places
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2471.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2472.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2473.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2474.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2475.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2476.jpg

Nan 18/12/2013-img_2477.jpg
Lovely views from up here
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2481.jpg
Pork knuckle, saute potatoes and onions for 180 Baht at Tony’s Place
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2482.jpg
A key meal for a key Rideasia member
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2484.jpg
I have found a companion who likes to dine with me lately
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2487.jpg
Elliott patiently waits for me to finish then happily takes the bone away
Nan 18/12/2013-img_2488.jpg


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