Dec 172013

The route 4019, 1080

Total distance 95 km
Nan 17/12/2013-img_2426.jpg
The temperature in my room at 7.15 this morning, not nice at all
Nan 17/12/2013-img_2428.jpg
At 10.30 it was still chilly riding along and I was glad it was offroad rather than a faster paved surface ride
Nan 17/12/2013-img_2429.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2430.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2431.jpg
Exploring some new tracks close to town today on flatter terrain but going by how dry they were hopefully up in the hills will be rideable again
Nan 17/12/2013-img_2432.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2433.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2434.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2435.jpg
Looking at that surface you would never guess it rained a lot on sunday
Nan 17/12/2013-img_2437.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2438.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2440.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2441.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2442.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2443.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2444.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2445.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2446.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2447.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2448.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2449.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2450.jpg

Nan 17/12/2013-img_2453.jpg
A chicken Madras and two portions of rice at Tony’s Place 140 Baht


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