Dec 172014

Total distance 140 km
Nan 17-12-14-img_6848.jpg
Starting where I exited yesterday to collect more unmapped tracks and hopefully locate the other end of the track that Oddvar and I found on Monday that got too overgrown to continue along
Nan 17-12-14-img_6849.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6850.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6851.jpg
Lots of these weirs along here for irrigation of the crops
Nan 17-12-14-img_6852.jpg
Oranges growing here as well as sweetcorn
Nan 17-12-14-img_6853.jpg
That’s far enough along this track for today
Nan 17-12-14-img_6854.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6855.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6856.jpg
Lots of these to map today
Nan 17-12-14-img_6857.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6858.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6859.jpg
Overlooking the village that I am never far away from today
Nan 17-12-14-img_6860.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6861.jpg
Now off through the bamboo forest on the track I think links up with what Oddvar and myself found on monday
Nan 17-12-14-img_6862.jpg
About 1 km before linking up the track was steep, slippery, rutted and overgrown
Nan 17-12-14-img_6863.jpg
No point carrying on now alone without being able to see the track, hopefully we will get to link it up in the coming months
Nan 17-12-14-img_6864.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6865.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6866.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6867.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6868.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6869.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6870.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6871.jpg
The bridge looked a bit rickety but it held together okay
Nan 17-12-14-img_6872.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6873.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6874.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6875.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6876.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6877.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6879.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6880.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6881.jpg
Plenty of new tracks found today and more there for tomorrow
Nan 17-12-14-img_6882.jpg
I try a new mukata in town tonight at N18.78933 E100.78698
Nan 17-12-14-img_6883.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6884.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6885.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6886.jpg

Nan 17-12-14-img_6888.jpg
Ice cream included and all for 139 Baht


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