Dec 162013

The route 1168, 2008, 3026, 4020, 1243, 4005, 3037

Total distance 147 km
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2418.jpg
The Nam Kaen reservoir is very low today
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2417.jpg
A brilliant clear sky on a cool refreshing morning.
My clothes are still wet from yesterdays soaking and I could do with a hot sunny days ride to dry them out
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2416.jpg
Now at the Huai Lapmuan Phuan reservoir and as I cant find the overflow I wonder if where my bike is parked is it
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2415.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2414.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2411.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2410.jpg
A quick drying dirt track like this is fun riding today despite yesterdays storms
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2409.jpg
Nice bends along the 4005
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2406.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2405.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2404.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2403.jpg
A lovely sunny dry day in Nan today after yesterdays storms.
I heard it pissing down during the night but the roads were dry when I rode out
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2402.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2401.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2400.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2399.jpg
I cant say that looks appetising
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2398.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2397.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2396.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2395.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2394.jpg
Any haze seems to have been washed away
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2393.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2392.jpg
Brown water in the Wa
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2391.jpg
I tried riding a dirt track down to the Wa that I had rode a couple of times before on my Phantom but today is under water from the higher level of the Wa at the hydropower project
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2390.jpg
This was an easily rideable track four years ago when I last rode it but now its gone
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2389.jpg
I try another track to see if I can get to where the other one went but it soon goes down a steep hill and its the wet red shit so I leave it for another day.
I think there will be an alternative route as there were always people working down there
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2387.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2386.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2385.jpg
The Wa is higher a couple of km from the dam
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2384.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2383.jpg
A long distance shot on zoom
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2378.jpg
From the same spot with no zoom
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2377.jpg
Shes in full flow now
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2376.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2375.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2374.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2373.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2372.jpg
The water level is higher but it doesnt look like much of an area has been flooded and I doubt if anyone was displaced
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2371.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2370.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2369.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2368.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2367.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2365.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2364.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2363.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2362.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2361.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2360.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2359.jpg

Nan 16/12/2013-img_2358.jpg
This hedge is just outside of town and I like it
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2354.jpg
It just really stands out
Nan 16/12/2013-img_2421.jpg
The market down by the river is here for a nother week so I eat there tonight, 65 Baht the lot


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