Dec 162014

Total distance 133 km
Nan 16-12-14-img_6810.jpg

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Tracks going in all directions and while some are only for crop access some go through to link up
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Nan 16-12-14-img_6821.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6822.jpg
Getting steeper now with the 1082 up high on the ridgeline
Nan 16-12-14-img_6823.jpg
This tree was growing at a funny angle
Nan 16-12-14-img_6824.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6825.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6826.jpg
I have some company for a while as we are both going to the end of this track
Nan 16-12-14-img_6827.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6828.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6829.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6830.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6831.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6832.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6833.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6834.jpg
The end of this track
Nan 16-12-14-img_6835.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6836.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6837.jpg
I had quite a few gates to open and close today
Nan 16-12-14-img_6840.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6841.jpg

Nan 16-12-14-img_6842.jpg
New tracks discovered today and more earmarked to do tomorrow
Nan 16-12-14-img_6844.jpg
Sausages, sauté potatoes and beans 160 Baht at Tony’s Place


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