Dec 142013

The route 1169, 1081

Total distance 158 km
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2256.jpg
This guy comes riding past with the wood perfectly balanced on his shoulder, not once did he need to touch it
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2253.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2255.jpg
Am armful of peanuts by the look of it
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2257.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2258.jpg
Another lovely sunny morning in Nan and it turns out a very warm day for most of it
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2259.jpg
A bad decision here as I cant get out by going forward so its turn the bike around which will be awkward then hopefully get out the way I got in
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2260.jpg
The bike decides to fall over on its sidestand while I am busy, it was over for about 5 minutes but upon picking it up and pressing the starter button it just instantly started.
No puddle of fuel around it, hurray for FI
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2261.jpg
It was difficult to get it out though, a lot of sweating and swearing took place before I succeeded
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2262.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2263.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2264.jpg
A few water crossings today
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2265.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2266.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2267.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2268.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2269.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2272.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2271.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2270.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2274.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2275.jpg
Just past here I reach where my track that has refarrowed is, as there is no problem in getting to it from three directions and then carefully negotiating it I feel it should stay on the map
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2276.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2277.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2278.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2279.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2280.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2281.jpg
Going by the detergent bottles here I guess its the shower and launderette
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2282.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2284.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2285.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2286.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2287.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2288.jpg
Here it was the choice of water
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2289.jpg
Or the bridge
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2290.jpg
It clouds over a bit this afternoon and the temperature drops but it stays dry
Nan 14/12/2013-img_2291.jpg

Nan 14/12/2013-img_2293.jpg
Schitznel, saute potatoes, onions and brocolli for 240 Baht at Tony’s Place


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