Dec 132013

The route 1169, 1081

Total distance 157 km
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2212.jpg
Along the 1169 and the giant bottle is getting a wash down
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2213.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2214.jpg
It looks like a thorough cleaning job is in progress
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2215.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2216.jpg
Its a nice sunny morning in Nan
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2217.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2218.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2219.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2220.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2221.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2222.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2223.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2224.jpg
Another overgrown track that I ride down
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2225.jpg
After riding through that I am covered in crap
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2226.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2228.jpg
I have noticed the fan coming on a lot over the past couple of days which is very unusual on a KLX and I guess riding through the overgrown sections has caused the build up on the radiator.
Its an easy enough job to clean it out when I stop for lunch and this afternoon the bike was running without the fan coming on
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2229.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2230.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2231.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2232.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2233.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2234.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2235.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2236.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2237.jpg
As the afternoon wears on its looking more like rain but thankfully it stays dry
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2238.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2239.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2240.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2241.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2242.jpg
I like his rack for carrying the sacks of corn
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2243.jpg

Nan 13/12/2013-img_2244.jpg
A good idea
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2246.jpg
Free drinking water on tap here
Nan 13/12/2013-img_2249.jpg
Chicken a-la king at Tony’s Place for 160 Baht


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