Dec 132014

Total distance 72 km
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Work going on at the Nam Kian Reservoir, usually its hard to see the water because of the plants and finding the overflow was impossible
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Nan 13-12-14-img_6742.jpg
Now its all been cleared and the overflow level is being raised, strange as I have never seen this reservoir full before
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Time to explore a couple of new tracks and go over a couple of old ones
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Nan 13-12-14-img_6747.jpg

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This track was getting a lot of use three years ago when I first mapped it but now it appears unused
Nan 13-12-14-img_6752.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6753.jpg
I guess this is the reason why, before it was a wide bridge
Nan 13-12-14-img_6754.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6755.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6756.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6757.jpg
On another track the stream bed is the route in places
Nan 13-12-14-img_6758.jpg
The Nam Kaen Reservoir is quite low
Nan 13-12-14-img_6759.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6760.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6761.jpg
Now on another track I mapped three years ago which leads to the other end of the unused one I was riding earlier
Nan 13-12-14-img_6762.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6763.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6764.jpg
Suddenly this one too is farrowing over, I ride through it for a short while then turn around
Nan 13-12-14-img_6765.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6766.jpg

Nan 13-12-14-img_6767.jpg
Chicken Madras at Tony’s Place 160 Baht


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