Dec 122013

The route 1080, 1170, 1081, 1169

Total distance 170 km
Nan 12/12/2013-img_2195.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2194.jpg
It was an overcast morning but brightened up as the afternoon wore on
Nan 12/12/2013-img_2193.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2191.jpg
I solved the mystery of my refarrowed track from yesterday.
I walked it first holding the GPS zoomed right in so I could follow the track I mapped last year and after 300 metres I was back on a track that existed.
Here I am riding through it, I found it easier walking through it though
Nan 12/12/2013-img_2188.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2187.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2186.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2185.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2184.jpg
Heres the start of it
Nan 12/12/2013-img_2196.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2197.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2206.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2205.jpg
Another track finishes in the woods like this
Nan 12/12/2013-img_2204.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2203.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2202.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2201.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2200.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2199.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2198.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2183.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2182.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2170.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2169.jpg
Another loop was created today as I found a track heading south off the 1170 that linked up with where I finished up yesterday
Nan 12/12/2013-img_2168.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2167.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2166.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2165.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2161.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2162.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2163.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2171.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2172.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2181.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2180.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2179.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2178.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2177.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2176.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2175.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2174.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2173.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2164.jpg

Nan 12/12/2013-img_2208.jpg
Lasagne, garlic bread and onions for 170 Baht at Tony’s Place


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