Dec 122014

Total distance 155 km
Nan 12-12-14-img_6712.jpg
My final day of mapping these tracks west of Wiang Sa and between the 101 and the 4027
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Nan 12-12-14-img_6714.jpg
This girl is busy cooking for herself and the others picking sweetcorn
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Nan 12-12-14-img_6719.jpg

Nan 12-12-14-img_6720.jpg
He sits there while his cattle graze
Nan 12-12-14-img_6721.jpg

Nan 12-12-14-img_6722.jpg
Sweetcorn territory today
Nan 12-12-14-img_6723.jpg
The tree is on fire
Nan 12-12-14-img_6724.jpg

Nan 12-12-14-img_6725.jpg
You cant spot it riding down the track though
Nan 12-12-14-img_6726.jpg

Nan 12-12-14-img_6727.jpg
I lost count of the number of times I rode under the pylons today
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Nan 12-12-14-img_6729.jpg

Nan 12-12-14-img_6730.jpg

Nan 12-12-14-img_6731.jpg
The timber is facing the right way for a change
Nan 12-12-14-img_6732.jpg

Nan 12-12-14-img_6733.jpg

Nan 12-12-14-img_6734.jpg
The girl cooking the food earlier on is now out picking sweetcorn with the others as I ride back
Nan 12-12-14-img_6735.jpg
N18.77303 E100.76407 Where that delicious chicken and mushroom pie came from the other day and where I am getting todays food from
Nan 12-12-14-img_6736.jpg
Burgers and hotdogs with proper English sausages tonight
Nan 12-12-14-img_6737.jpg
Two burgers and two hotdogs for 170 Baht, delicious too


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