Feb 202013

The route 1169

Total distance 151 km

Along the 1169 and I turn off right next to this to try to link up with yesterdays track.
Dirt starts at N18.98431 E100.93261

These friendly lot tell me I am reaching a dead end further along here

One of them very kindly sows my strap back into place on my shin pads and refuses payment

They were right it is a dead end at the river

A second side track also goes to the river, there is no point in crossing over here as its not a through track anyway

On the way back I see a track going towards the river that does not show on my GPS and take it, this is the one that crosses over onto the track I need to link up with yesterdays ride

I rode over the bridge but I think the water crossing would have been easy enough anyway

Along the dusty track and closing in on the waypoint I left at the turnaround point yesterday

The intersection ahead is my waypoint, link up completed

Now to explore some of the tracks I didnt have time for yesterday

A dead end at the cabbages after the rubber plantation

Now to cross the river again to explore some tracks south of it

This gentleman rides by as I am enjoying my lunch, there is the ominous sound of rolling thunder now at around 1pm that is not what I particularly want to hear but the sky doesnt look threatening at the moment

I am kicking up a large dust cloud today on the loose bulldust

Just past the Monk I reach the paved surface at N18.93926 E100.92222 and this takes me back to the 1169 at a different place to where I left it earlier on

Heading north along the 1169 I turn left onto a dirt track at N18.96488 E100.92405

A rather unpleasant smell of burning plastic as I rode through the smoke

This track joins up with the one I was on earlier then its off to see if I can make another track back to my original offroad entry point

I find it rather amusing that none of the through tracks were on the ESRI map but were there in reality whereas this one is showing but it appears overgrown and unused

I leave the bike there and walk first, I am a little worried about getting it stuck in the mud and the heavier rolls of thunder make me decide to return the way I know and leave this track for another day

If I had carried on it was up this steep loose track but if it had been a dead end I didnt want to ride back in a possible storm.
I was very happy with what I got today anyway considering I was told in the village yesterday that this road didnt go through to the 1169 and I managed to explore and map three different exit points
On the ride back to Nan there was a slight spattering of rain but very windy and it looked like the heavy rain was to the east of town

Pork schnitzel and saute potatoes for 215 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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