Feb 192013

The route 1080, 4019

Total distance 139 km

Dirt starts at N18.92640 E100.79773

A lot of rubber trees out this way

Some nice twisty fun dirt on a good surface

I am riding on from where I left off yesterday and now heading west towards the 1080 about 30 km north of Nan

I reach the asphalt surface of the 1080 at N19.01929 E100.78843 and turn right onto it followed quickly by a right onto an unnumbered asphalt road

Dirt starts again at N18.99436 E100.83123 as I take a right to ride south to link up where I was earlier on today

I dont bother riding over as its a dead end, a few of them today but some good linkups too and slowly filling the Nan map in a bit more

Now a ride through the woods for a change

Does anyone know what this says?

I ride back to the paved surface at N18.99436 E100.83123 and ride on eastwards reaching Ban Huai Pong at N18.99055 E100.84603.
I am asked where I am going to and I reply Santisuk to which I am told no way through, I try anyway

Dirt starts again at N18.99060 E100.84859

Lots of tracks spotted on the ridgeline where I ride today at times

I dont bother trying to reach Santisuk today as I have plenty to keep me occupied out here again tomorrow and I will ride to Santisuk by road then try riding back to the waypoint I left here unless theres no way over the water crossings I am expecting to encounter

Now to enjoy the ride back

Chicken and cashew nuts with an extra portion of rice for 95 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Its always lovely here in Nan Kevin

  2. These last few days, when your riding through the trees in the Nan area, it looks pretty darn nice.
    Nice and clear to, your photos are bright!
    Kevin (Snowed all day and night here well’st you road :))

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