Jan 012014

The route 1091, 3030, 16101

Total distance 99 km
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Breakfast time at Ims noodle shop and I knew yesterday she was planning on doing a special for my birthday, thats her on the right
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A chicken steak in khao soi sauce with all the trimmings which is 79 Baht and delicious too.
Mine was on the house as a birthday treat, a very kind gesture from a very nice girl who does the best tasting khao soi chicken that I have ever eaten.
Her restaurant is just past Grand Mansion at N18.78516 E100.77461
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Lots of these tracks that I really enjoy riding were found today
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Nan 1/1/2014-img_3039.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3040.jpg
A fairly fast flow on the river
Nan 1/1/2014-img_3041.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3042.jpg
A few of these bamboo bridges were found but not many ways over the water by bike
Nan 1/1/2014-img_3044.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3045.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3046.jpg
At last a way across the river
Nan 1/1/2014-img_3048.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3050.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3051.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3052.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3025.jpg

Nan 1/1/2014-img_3053.jpg
The last dirt track I rode along which joined the 1091 was numbered this by both the sign and the ESRI
Nan 1/1/2014-img_3055.jpg
Pork ribs and saute potatoes for 240 Baht at Tony’s Place


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